Fast product development times, individual and serial manufacturing are necessary to react agilely and quickly to internal and external events.  

Classic production processes can often no longer cope with the increasing complexity, speed or batch size. This is becoming an ever greater challenge.

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Housings and Enclosures

Product portfolios with numerous design variations is where our manufacturing solutions really stand out. We can offer an easy, efficient, and economical way to manufacture your parts beginning with a quantity of 1.

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Medical Device Components

We accelerate development for our customers in the medical device industry.  Our customers can see their pre-market products in real form and scale the final production using our expertise in additive manufacturing and end-part finishing.

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Custom design of components for human-machine interfaces is a great utilization of our manufacturing technology. Integration of complex channeling and flexible design adaption for individualized periphery requirements ensures no restrictions stand in the way of innovation.

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