"We didn't expect that."

The primary goal of our customer was to produce a protective case for their highly sensitive laboratory electronics.  The exterior of the part must not only deliver the highest quality surface aesthetics, but also be functionally robust  to be able to be disinfected afterwards.  Blueprint as a partner for his production needs could meet all requirements for the production of plastic housings.

After an initial technical discussion with the Blueprint team,  it was clear that the costs of injection molding from the complexity of the tooling would be out of the project budget.  The combination of additive manufacturing for raw part production combined with a the expertise for surface solutions at Blueprint was the most economically viable solution. In addition, the customer was able to hold its first components in its hands after just a few days.

"We didn't expect that!"Product housings function not only to protect and encapsulate the inner workings of a device, but are usually a crucial element in the first visual impression.  At Blueprint, we understand the importance of a perfect surface finish.
"We didn't expect that!"
With an current annual production volume of 500 units, the customer is even able to further scale or turn production on and off like a light switch at home. Better yet, design changes can be introduced at any time, for example, if there are adaptations to an electronic component.This was the customer's positive reaction after receiving his first order so quickly.  The surface quality exceeded all expectations and the after installation of the electronic components, the result was a medical device produced within the financial limits of the customer.
"The team really knows what optimal manufacturing looks like"
Unlike other platforms, Blueprint relies on close collaboration and open exchange with customers to define the best possible solution.  All without automated "instant quote" bots and time consuming steps to "create an account."

Blueprint is the interface between the ideas of our technology-driven customers and the solutions for economically viable manufacturing.

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