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We manufacture your components. As a Development and Manufacturing Partner, we define and deliver optimal technological product solutions.

What we do

We manufacture your products. Our range of service covers all aspects of product development - from design to delivery - enabling a reliable and efficient means of production meeting the highest quality standards.

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How we Work

We are a harmonized ecosystem with extensive in-house knowledge and capabilities in manufacturing. We solve the technological and economic challenges for you, utilizing the best technology for the job. Certified along DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.

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Our Motivation

Flexible and accessible state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are the key to driving innovation in product development. By lowering cost barriers and reducing sourcing complexity you can achieve market launch faster.

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We've gained more than 10 years of experience at

"No expensive Agency"
3D printing
"Not only Prototyping"
Surface Coating
"Not cheap and flimsy"
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Are you done with spending countless hours sourcing vendors, going back and forth on quotes and chasing down order updates?

Our market segments are not just prototypes. Blueprint offers EndToEnd manufacturing solutions on demand.
We manufacture and produce parts that meet industrial stranded in production, quality and surface finish.
Finished Housing for a robot
Modern production site

These customers trust in us

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Co-Founder Jens Harmeling
"We are the interface between the ideas of our technology-driven customers and the solutions for economically viable manufacturing."
"Additive manufacturing (3D printing) in conjunction with industrial surface finishing, for example, enables the cost-efficient production of complex parts in small batches."
Co-Founder Jordan Kopping

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