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Surface quality is especially crucial when products are constant direct points of contact with end users.  The human fingertip is, for example, capable of noticing resolution differences of just 0.006 millimeters.  As a comparison:
A Braille dot is about 160 times higher.
All this is realized by an experienced and innovative team of engineers. Through creative ideas, a design was thus finalized together with collaborative workshops. With annual quantities of 200 per variant, Blueprint was the optimal manufacturing partner for this project for agricultural machinery manufacturers.  However, our support doesn’t end there.  For our customers, we are constantly on the lookout for new market trends in various industries and respond to them with competitive offers of advanced manufacturing and surface treatment.
Such factors must be taken into account when designing human-machine interfaces. Surface and haptic features were the criteria that initially made the use of additive manufacturing as a viable production technology difficult within this project.  After perfecting and demonstrating the surface quality achievable in components produced at Blueprint components were able to convince the customers of the potential.  As a development and manufacturing partner, Blueprint offers the possibility of integrating complex channels and flexibly adapting the design to the individual requirements of the periphery. This ensures that there are no limits to innovation.
Through topology optimization, generative design and Recycling
we support and enable our partners' sustainability goals through better raw material utilization, low carbon footprint and new product morphologies.

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