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Many innovative and technology driven companies create amazing products but don't have in-house manufacturing capabilities.  Furthermore, their link to economically viable manufacturing options is missing.  This makes their search for a trustworthy partner for realizing their innovative product a challenge, as they are often turned away simply because their product design is too complex or the required production volumes are too low.  We stand ready with our End-To-End solutions to help our customers manufacture their products, regardless of complexity and part volume.  The start of a great collaboration can begin by sending a description of the idea to our team or even the CAD draft from the design concept! 

As was the case from this example from a medical device start-up, an industrial designer had already completed the first designs with the intent to produce the parts with CNC milling.  The first quotes returned which noted feasibility issues with the design and also unexpectedly high manufacturing costs. After the customer contacted us for our evaluation our applications engineers organized a kick-off meeting to understand the customers expectations and needs. So the customers told us:
"It has to have the quality of an Apple product."
We find this personal interaction is vital to understanding the customers expectations and the direct exchange aids us in our recommendation for the best possible manufacturing technology at best cost-efficiency ratio. By reviewing the design, our engineers agreed that CNC milling was not the most economically viable option for manufacture.  The part would require multiple tool changes and over 80% material waste would be generated from the starting pre-finished block. We at Blueprint always support and enable sustainability targets through better raw material utilization, low CO2 footprint and new product morphologies. Together with the customer, we achieved an improved product design which was optimized for production using our in-house MultiJet Fusion technology.  Combined with our extended expertise in surface finishing, the final part was delivered which exceeded customer expectations.
"I was extremely convinced about the quality Blueprint offers."
Additionally we further proved the possibility for last-minute design implementations and offer inexpensive variability and adaptations in surface and color effects.  With production volumes of 3000 units per year Blueprint has remained the partner of choice for economical series production and we await the final product launch in 2023. We continue our joint collaboration with this customer and offer all businesses in medical device development our support and expertise from idea to manufacturing to surface finishing.

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